Mitch Mattraw of Cabfare Productions is recognized for producing films that capture life’s moments, for over ten years Mitch has carved a distinct niche in the crowded wedding film industry, his work follows no trends, made from the heart and don’t take themselves too seriously. Mitch pioneered filming weddings with vintage Super8 film in the Pacific Northwest for a wholly unique look and feel. His client list includes Hollywood creatives, CEO’s and lively, heartfelt couples from around the world. Mitch has produced award winning branding films for business, web films for emerging companies, documentaries and many narrative shorts over his many years as a filmmaker. He’s also known as a blast to work with.

If you're looking for creative edge, a different feel, a unique vision that captures you as a couple on your special day, or your companies new branding strategy, or your non profit's compelling vision, please say hi. I respond within 24 hours, even if I'm off exploring deep nature in the Hoh Rain forest, where I can often be found.

Frequently Asked Questions


Contact Us: info@cabfareproductions.com

What is your approach, philosophy to filming weddings?

I have always tried to be a little different than trends or formula-based styles. I tend to use mostly music, visuals and candid audio to drive the narrative which is different than 90% of most wedding filmmaker's who do variations of using extensive audio from officiant, vows, toasts packed into a short film. I certainly do sprinkle in audio from ceremony or other sources all the time when it feels just right; I just don't like getting walled into formulas, as I am trying to always find creative new ways to tell your special story. I try to bridge the gap between big cinematic and more documentary, intimate moments. You'll see a lot of people laughing, smiling, making connections, as I view wedding's as pop up communities, where everyone mostly lays down their ego's and agenda's to celebrate love and connection. Where else in our global society does this happen? I'm continually moved, fascinated and inspired by weddings and the amazing couple's I've had the priveledge to know and film over these many years.

What is Super8 film and why don't other wedding filmmaker's use it?

Before the age of video all home movies, events and travel films were recorded on Super8 film format, the little cousin to the much larger 35MM format's used by Hollywood. It was relatively inexpensive. All of today's big camera manufacture's made Super8 camera's, from the no-frills entry level to high end for professional hobbyists and commercial use. Kodak mainly provided the film. Like today, they would come in cartridge's you load into the camera, lasting about 3minutes of screen time, to develop. Kodak had self-addressed mailers you would pop into the mail with a check and yep, two weeks later you would get your spool of developed film you would then wind through a loud film projector, dim the light's and show on a heavy, cumbersome five foot white screen on a stand. If you wanted to combine multiple reels, you would have to edit them together with a sharp splicer, scraping off emulsion, using strong toxic glue's to bind them together, then hand crank them into a large film reel just to watch maybe a 15-minute home movie. It was an involved process, a ritual if you will, that millions of mostly father's around the world lovingly engaged in. Movie night's were often the most looked-forward-to night on the family's weekly calendar. It was magic seeing the family's adventures on screen, a father's labor of love to his family. It's only fitting to use the same magic to capture your wedding day. Super8 film has an intimate, organic feel that digital video can never emulate and why I love shooting with it alongside cutting edge video. Super8 film in it's current incarnation is not a cheap format and it require's some skill to get proper exposure as unlike video, you're not able to see what you just shot until much later, most wedding filmmaker's invest in state of the art gadget's, spending days hunting down old Super8 camera's in good working order on Ebay just doesn't fit the digital paradigm.

What is your turnaround time before we get our highlight film?

During the summer season, my goal is eight to sixteen weeks turnaround time.

How do you deliver our video?

I upload all media to a private password site on vimeo.com for you to view, share with anyone you'd like, and download all original files.

Do you work well with photographer's?

Oh yeah! I'm referred by the very best wedding photographers mainly because I'm so easy to work with, my years of experience and relationships developed. If I haven't worked with a photographer before, I reach out to say hi, and have a conversation on how best to work together as a team to make your day as beautiful and stress-free as possible.

Wedding film packages start at $3,900 Please contact me for information.