Emily and Steve: An EMP Wedding
March 5, 2010

Orgasmic eye candy with this delightful couple providing it’s warm and resonant heart. The beginning interview is a good example of our use of the talking heads format intercut throughout the entire wedding film, in this case towards the end leading into the ending montage. The design work was done by everyone’s favorite duo team of Jessie and Travis at True Color Events, how about that color scheme and lighting design, yeah, that’s what I’m talk’n bout! For a total team effort, Emily made the industrial mini wire tree’s. It was great fun to work with the excellent photo team Melody and Bryan of Amore Studios, make sure to check out their fantastic photo’s of this event. I’m so fortunate the Universe sends clients like these to me. Visit Reddoorartstudio.com.au for Sunshine Coast painting classes. In keeping with the tree theme, the ending shot of the eternal tree of life is the actual model from the Darren Aronofsky underrated epic of time travel true love ‘The Fountain”.

Each wedding favor containers contains a cocktail of Vitamins A & C, plus amino acids and hyaluronic acid: all substances familiar to me from my endless perusal of sleekly packaged pots at the beauty counter.

As it seems to happen all the time many of the edit points happen to fall perfectly with lyric references in the re mixed Louis Armstrong song, it’s all an organic process of just letting the edit flow from the heart. We pride ourselves in not having a formula besides our trademark white fade out, formula’s are death to a creative mind.<