Julianne and Michael – Crystal Mountain Ski Resort
May 2, 2018


This was a classic cabfare with a hybrid of 4K digital video and Super8 film, the pictures will be uploaded in the next post as we where working as a team with a special photographer of Long Beach weddings which also travels to different destinations to provide her services, check her page and get inspired for your wedding.

This wedding of Julianne and Michael, was a really special ocassion and different kind of theme. They decided to use as a location the Crystal Mountain Skii Resort, with the majestic MT.Rainer and the beautiful Cascade Range as their backdrop ! This was such a scenic and memorable wedding, and it is just located 6 miles from the northeast entrance to MT.Rainer National Park, no chance to get lost.

So imagine the combination of this backdrop, the fresh weather, with colorful flowers and nature all over you with the fine Northwest catering among the alpine scenery. There are many different spaces where you can make the reception and ceremony, all with the accommodations of your choice, depending in what are you picturing for your wedding.

No glory shots of Mt Rainer? One word, smoke from Canadian wildfires, ok, four words, however fun was had by all as this land is special to Julianne and Michael.
Coordinator: Nancy Skipton
Photography: Erin Perkins