Rohini and Sage – Whidbey Island Wedding Videography
March 21, 2020

Farm weddings or just weddings in nature are by far my favorite’s, what was so special about Flickerwood is Sage grew up on this farm, his Mom owns it! Rohini has also lived on the farm, grew up nearby, you can tell by how relaxed, happy they are here in the film, surrounded by loving community of South Whidbey Island, to me this is why weddings are so special, they’re communities in their own right and when they’re so deeply connected to their surrounding community, well, that’s when magic happens! So much fun to work with photographer Carina Skrobecki

Rocking the 1978 Nizo Super8 camera on this!  In my book one the very best Super 8 camera’s ever produced.  Whidbey Island Wedding Videography